30XX Release Date- Jump, Shoot and Slash


Today, in this article, we will be talking about the all-new game ‘30XX’ release date and details of this excellent game. It is an action game. The game will be full of breathtaking enemies and the player will have to face them all in the game. It is the next or upcoming part after the game ’20XX’. Let’s talk about the gameplay.

What is the game about?

In the game, the player will only have to do jump, shoot, and slash. You can also play this outstanding game with your friends. The player will explore the lush, Frequently changing world that includes fevered combat. The player will have to fight and destroy the fearsome Guardians with master unique powers and regain the thousand years that we have already lost. There will be crisp controls and fluid movement which the player will like and love, the player will also play in co-op play in a single incredible package.

30XX Release Date- Jump, Shoot and Slash
Gameplay still from the epic game ’30XX’.

After ’20XX’, you awake and realized that so many years have already passed and the world which you wanted blindly is gone. It is now changed unexpectedly due to the arrival of synthetic minds and a race of humans. They have lost the craze and excitement to reach for the stars. Now, you only have to do is save the remaining world and fight with the enemies. The player will explore the world that becomes verdant prison and will fight with the strange and mysterious enemies to save the remaining world from them. There will be a subline in the game ‘Rise, Fight, Fall, Adapt’. In this game, the meaning of this subline is in this endless cycle, somewhere, buried deep.

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Let’s see the features of this exciting game. So, there will be a local as well as online multiplayer mode, so the player can enjoy this game with their friends. In the game, there will be pulse-pounding action, accurate platforming, and amazing and beautiful sprite work. The game ’30XX’ will never be the same twice because, in this game, there will be a new set of levels, types of equipment, items, and powers. There will be a roguelike style progression system in the game. So, the player will face more difficulty as they progress in the game. It won’t be changed even the player wins the level. In the game, the characters will have full distinct playstyles such as master ace’s swift, combo-friendly techniques, and Nina’s complicated power fusion system for getting more time to replay. Let’s discuss the release date of this impressive game.

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’30XX’ Release Date:-

Well, we do not know the exact date but the game ’30XX’ will be released in 2021. The developer and publishers of the game are BatteryStaple Games respectively. Chris King is the designer of this thrilling game. This game will release on various platforms which are Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The publishers have already released an announcement trailer of this exciting game. Stay tuned for the next update.