Bronny James Marijuana Smoking Video Goes Viral

American basketball player LeBron Raymone James Junior, more popularly known as Bronny James has started trending after a controversial video of him went viral. Nowadays, even one mistake on a social media platform can get you hate and end your career. Bronny recently put up a story on his Instagram where he was seen smoking marijuana. After people started sharing his video, he went on to say that his phone was hacked but he had already been started getting scrutinized. Bronny lives in California and recently the intake has been legalized which means there is no illegal activity. He is currently 15 and according to many, it is normal for teenagers to try stuff at this age. But, many argue that Bronny has some standards to live up to and he is influential which means many children who adore him will also start following him and start smoking weed.

Why is LeBron James Junior facing so much hate?

Bronny James is the son of an all-time NBA star in history LeBron James. Lebron is considered as one of the greatest players of basketball and has won 3 NBA championships and four Most Valuable Player Award in the NBA. Bronny is already facing high pressure as the son of LeBron James to set standards which is too stressful for a teenager. He has been receiving hate every time he acted like a normal teenager on social media. Firstly, he got into controversy for dating a white girl. Many jumped to the conclusion saying that he does not like black girls. This shows the amount of racial issues in the United States.

Bronny James Marijuana Smoking Video Goes Viral
Bronny James, son of NBA star LeBron James.

Secondly, an online debate was raised when he was seen making TikTok videos with his girlfriend. Bronny is being followed by the media at such a young age and any activity he does is being monitored closely. He is trying his best to be genuine while pursuing his career, but being in the spotlight has been difficult for him. Recently, the 15-year old had started streaming with one of his friends on Twitch. Soon enough, people on the chat came up typing homophobic slurs thereby making him uncomfortable. LeBron supported his son and stood up for him asking everyone not to be too harsh on his son.

Bronny James Marijuana Smoking Video Goes Viral
Bronny James with his father LeBron James.

Who is Bronny James?

Bronny James was born on 6th October, 2004 to LeBron James and Savannah Brinson. He started playing basketball since his early childhood in 2010. He made his high school debut in the same year where he also won the Most Valuable Player Award. Bronny started receiving scholarships since he was 9 years old. Consequently, his father commented saying that no one should be recruiting a 10-year old. It is an act of violation. Bronny has his whole life ahead and his career in basketball. The people should cut the kid some slack so that he does not miss out on the activities everyone does as a teenager.

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