Conor McGregor Arrested For Sexual Assault!

Conor McGregor Arrested For Sexual Assault
UFC Champion Conor McGregor arrested for sexual assault in Corsica.

Conor McGregor, the former boxer known for participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has been accused of sexual assault. The MMA fighter is currently under custody in Corsica. He was on a voyage where he was working to raise awareness regarding water safety with his fiancé Dee Devlin. The incident occurred at a bar in Corsica. A complaint was filed against him on 10th September. There is not much information regarding the incident but since a complaint was filed, he was taken under custody.

Conor McGregor Arrested For Sexual Assault
Conor McGregor was arrested for flashing to a young married woman in a bar at Corsica.

What did McGregor say about the incident?

McGregor has denied the allegations saying that there was no kind of misconduct from his side. This led to withdrew his trip to Monaco.  He has been into a lot of legal trouble in the past as well. After this, his manager Audie Attar gave out a statement saying McGregor will not be a target for creating headlines. He also said that when any such false accusations occur in the future, strict action will be taken against them. After taking him into custody, the police did the questioning and some tests. There was no proof regarding the incident. So, the officials had to release him from custody with no charges against him.

Conor McGregor Arrested For Sexual Assault
McGregor has denied all the claims and hence, released from custody.

However, this ain’t first time we have seen the fighter has caused trouble. In 2018, McGregor threw a dolly at a bus window creating damage. In 2019, he played guilty for punching an older man in Dublin, after which the incident was settled. All the videos have gone viral, and this accusation is of no surprise to anyone. On 6th June 2020, McGregor announced his retirement from fighting but it seems like he has plans to return. Fans have stated that he has been giving out cryptic messages through his Instagram. Although he has no interest in returning to fighting, he has not formally retired from UFC yet, which is why the USADA keeps on testing him for doping.

Conor McGregor Arrested For Sexual Assault
Conor McGregor with his fiancé, Dee Devlin.

Who is Conor McGregor?

Conor Anthony McGregor was born in Dublin, Ireland. He started boxing since he was 12. After that, he met Tom Egan, the UFC fighter who started training him. They started training together for MMA. He began his professional career in 2008 in MMA and Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2013. He won many fights and tournaments throughout his career and has won numerous awards. McGregor has been dating Dee Devlin since 2008 and has two children, namely Conor Jack McGregor Junior and Croaia McGregor. He has done endorsements with Beats, Bud Light, Reebok, Monster, and Burger King. He created a lot of news and controversies with his behavior and has been arrested for the same. The former UFC Champion and MMA fighter has been trying to venture out into business activities and spread awareness regarding various issues.