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Conor McGregor Net Worth

Conor McGregor is a renowned Irish professional mixed martial artist, professional boxer and occasional actor who is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He holds multiple records and is considered one of the most revered and successful athletes in the UFC. His fights have set records with the highest pay-per-view buy rates in the UFC and he is regarded as one of the most polarizing figures in sports and entertainment.


Conor stands 5 feet and 9 inches and is known for his dominant physical stature in the octagon. He is fast, savvy and filled with power, lending to his extraordinary arsenal of skills and abilities.


He is currently 30 years of age and has been in the cage since 2008. He holds a record of 21 wins, 4 losses, and 0 draws as an MMA fighter.

Net Worth

Conor McGregor’s estimated net worth is over $100 million and continues to grow. His income via endorsement deals is significantly higher than his fight purse. He has endorsed brands such as Burger King, Beats by Dre and Monster energy drinks. He’s also earned a deal with Reebok and has released his own signature T-shirt and collected additional commissions on the sales.

His success in the fight-game has landed him a series of movie roles, including one in The Notorious, a semi-biographical documentary film. He also is an avid cigarette smoker and earns royalties from cigar manufacturers. All of these streams of income have combined to give him an impressive net worth.

Conor McGregor’s net worth makes him one of the most successful UFC fighters to date. His dedication and commitment to the sport, coupled with an extensive array of endorsements and investments, have allowed him to become an international star and a leader in the fight-game. His aggressive and non-stop training regimen has allowed him to stay in top-shape throughout each fight and his unique fighting form make him an extremely watchable fighter. Although Conor’s net worth continues to grow significantly, his true legacy is in his legacy as a fighter and an athlete.


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