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Danny Williams Has Retired From Boxing

Danny Williams Has Retired From Boxing

The British professional boxer Danny Williams has announced his retirement from boxing. The Brixton Bomber, who knocked down Mike Tyson during a match in 2004, got immensely popular after the game. Many were upset regarding Tyson getting defeated, but it only opened many doors for Williams. On Friday, he matched Sergei Kharitonov, in which he stopped the game during the second round. It was his 20th defeat of this decade and has confirmed it to be his last match. Williams had talked earlier regarding quitting the game, but he continued to fight to pay his daughter’s tuition. Williams was on a hiatus for a year, but when he returned to the ring, he was not as strong as before. He did not seem physically and mentally fit for the game but continued to participate in numerous fights.

Danny Williams Has Retired From Boxing
A still from Danny Williams and Sergei Kharitonov’s recent fight.

What did his fellow boxers say?

Enzo Maccarinelli, the former professional boxer known for holding the title of WBO Cruiserweight from 2006 to 2008, gave his comments on Williams’s return. He stated that Williams should not have been allowed to enter the ring by looking at how weak he was. Kharitonov asked the referee to stop the match after finding out how to hurt William was. Dave Allen, the British boxer known as the White Rhino, has said that he will be donating a certain amount of his income to Williams once he stops fighting. Watching Williams fight to earn money is upsetting. If he continues to fight, his health might degrade, so Allen came forward to help his fellow boxer. Williams has won numerous heavyweight titles, including the Commonwealth titles in 1999 and 2006. In 2004, when Williams versus Tyson happened, it was the most central point in his career.

Danny Williams Has Retired From Boxing
A still from Danny Williams’ fight against Mike Tyson.

Who is Danny Williams?

Daniel Peter Williams was born on 13th July 1973 in England. His parents are from Jamaica, and he follows Islam as his religion. In 1991, Williams started his amateur career when he won gold in Sardinia multi-nation tournament and Greek multi-nation tournament. He had a record of 29-6 during this stage of his career. Williams started playing professional and then went to participate in the Commonwealth and British Heavyweight Championship. He fought against Vitali Klitschko for the World Heavyweight Championship title but failed. In 2010, he had announced his retirement from the game but eventually returned. He had 84 fights during his pro career, where he won 54 and lost 29. Williams had also dislocated his right arm in between and underwent a painful surgery. Danny Williams will no longer be seen in the ring, and that is undoubtedly a loss to the world of boxing.


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