Dominic Thiem Takes The Grand Slam Title Winning US Open 2020

The Australian tennis player Dominic Thiem did a historic come back to win the 2020 US Open against Alexander Zverev. Thiem said that winning the US Open was the result of dedicating his life to win the Grand Slam. Thiem lost his confidence after losing his last three Grand Slams. He lost two titles to Rafael Nadal during the French Open and one to Novak Djokovic during the Australian Open. He won the five-setter with a score of 2-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, and 7-6. After losing the two opening sets, Thiem made a historic comeback leading to a tiebreaker in the finals for the first time. After the game, he said that he wished two people could be declared as winners as Zverev had good fun as well.

The 27-year old lost a lot of points in the first two sets, after which he started playing defensive. Alexander’s game became cagey about winning the championship, which led to a slower serve. The last tiebreaker set was breathtaking, with both the players giving their best limping around even after being exhausted. There was no audience in the stadium as the pandemic guidelines required the tournaments to be held behind closed doors. Alexander burst into tears talking about his game and his chances of lifting the trophy while congratulating Dominic. Dominic won $13 million along with the title. This tournament was held at Billie Jean King Tennis Centre with Nadal and Federer missing. The controversy was also caused when Novak Djokovic hit the line judge, which led to his disqualification from the tournament.

Dominic Thiem Takes The Grand Slam Title Winning US Open 2020
A still of Dominic Thiem during the US Open finals.

Who is Dominic Thiem?

The Australian player ranks third in the Association of Tennis Professionals ranking and has won 17 ATP singles. The 2020 US Open is his first Grand Slam title, and now will be participating in the French Open. Born in Austria, he started playing tennis from his early childhood. His parents Wolfgang and Karin Thiem, were tennis coaches. He played the junior championship and was ranked 2 in 2011. In 2014, he reached his first ATP finals, which he lost. But, then he went on to win 3 ATPs in 2015. Dominic was dating Kristina Mladenovic, but they broke up in 2019.

Dominic Thiem Takes The Grand Slam Title Winning US Open 2020
Dominic Thiem (in yellow) playing for his club TFC Matzendorf.

He is also a massive fan of football and supports Chelsea. After this, in 2016, he founded his football club named TFC Matzendorf that plays charity games. The team included his fellow tennis players and friends. He has also collaborated with Adidas, where a collection campaign was started with a product made up of recycled plastic waste. Dominic works on spreading awareness about plastic pollution and ocean pollution and is working on strategies to reduce marine pollution. US Open has made him confident of winning the upcoming major title tournaments.

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