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Hall Of Fame Open: A Big Recap

Hall Of Fame Open is a tennis grass court tournament held annually in the Rhode Islands. For over 45 years the tournament has served many legends even though it is just an ATP 250 tournament. This time, the likes of Andy Murray, John Isner, and Felix are making the headlines. The competition is already halfway through and Andy’s magic seems to be working on the grass court. He has won his round-of-32 clash and the round-of-16 match in under 24 hours. Now he will be up against #3 A. Bulbik of Kazakhastan and that will be a tough match. His previous rounds were against Sam Querry and M. Purcell. Fans are always excited to see a player of Andy Murray’s stature in such a tournament.

John Isner has been in great form lately. He even defeated Andy Murray in the Wimbledon round 3 match and looks good in this tournament as well. Isner has also won his first two matches and set his match in the quarterfinals, which is yet to be decided as other matches are left to be played. Felix, who had an awful Wimbledon a couple of weeks ago under Tony Nadal’s coaching. His quarterfinal place is not yet fixed as he plays his round-of-16 match against J.Kubler. It will be great for the tournament if he manages to win his pre-quarterfinal match as well. We will have all the big guns alive for the quarterfinals.

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Hall Of Fame Open: Andy Murray, Isner, And Felix

The Hall Of Fame Open is into its 46th year and this year’s tournament is halfway through. Andy Murray, Isner, and Felix are already two matches into the competition. Two players have made it through to the quarterfinals with Felix left to make it still. His match was hanging by a thread in the last set as he was losing it 6-5 before the match got suspended. Murray’s start to the Rhode Island tournament was great. He beat the home player Sam Querry easily in straight sets. His round-of-16 match was rather a difficult one. He faced M. Purcell of Australia and lost the first set very easily. It looked like the Andy of the past is far behind now but he bounced back.

Hall Of Fame Open Andy Murray Wins
Hall Of Fame Open

The second set started in a very positive fashion for Murray. He comfortably won the second 2-6 and the third even better. It looked from the second set, that Andy Murray was in full control of the game and the grasscourt veteran finished the game winning the final set 1-6. Isner on the other hand had a similar path to reach the quarterfinal. His latest round-of-16 match against P. Gojowczyk was a real tough one. The first set was easier compared to the second one. He won the first set in style 3-6 and did not look like in any trouble. He was pushed to the limits in the second one, winning it in the tie breaks 6-7.

What Is In The Quarterfinals?

The quarterfinals of the Hall Of Fame Open will be quite interesting. Andy Murray has to face Alexander Bulbik in order to qualify for the semis. Isner will face France’s B.Bonzi and Felix’s game is still unknown. If Andy and Isner win their matches, they might face each other for the second time in just over two weeks’ time, where Andy lost in the Centre Court.

John Isner Makes It To The Quarterfinal
Hall Of Fame Open

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