How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You

All Day I Dream About Sports…yeah that’s what Adidas stands for and if you already did not know this, it could be mind-boggling isn’t it? 

And if you think you dream about sports all day as well, I can certainly recommend you to an article dedicated to sports but if you have been dreaming lately about getting sponsorship from Adidas then you clicked on the right link! Trust me.

Today we would talk about the what’s and ifs and also essentially how to get a sponsorship from Adidas. So, let’s tune in to it and get started.

As we could figure out already the brand Adidas generally and majorly stands out for sponsoring events and projects associated with sports but it’s interesting to know that their sponsorship money is not just limited to that.

 The organization also comes forward to sponsor events associated with charity or public events. Which one is yours? It’s not necessary that the organization has to be a well-known or a very popular one because Adidas goes beyond that to sponsor the smaller-organizations as well.

Adidas sponsorship request

Now, the big question arises, how do we place the Adidas sponsorship request. 

How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You
How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You

Not a big secret, the company regulates all the proposals through their corporate website. Sports Marketing Department at Adidas AG Global Sports Marketing World of Sports 91074 Herzogenaurach Germany, that’s where all the requests are absorbed and once someone submits the request a representative connects back sharing the details.

 Although Adidas does not list down any specific requirements for the sponsorship it’s always good to create the best proposal, so get started!

Adidas sponsored athlete

Most of us have seen advertisements where Adidas sponsored athletes

To quote a few examples in 2014, we had soccer star David Beckham and basketball champ Dwight Howard, Candace Parker, and Tim Duncan. Having said that, it’s interesting to note that Adidas also struck deals with non-athletes such as entertainers Katy Perry, Cyclops, The Like, B.o.B., A-Track and Busy P. 

The company has also sponsored many prominent sports organizations, including the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Committees, the Boston Marathon and the NBA. 

So, it makes sense right, even if you are not directly aligned to an athlete you have the equal potential to get a sponsorship from Adidas.

How to get individual sport sponsorship

How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You
How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You

So far, we have known that there are two broad categories where the sponsorship is designated from Adidas. 

Either it’s related to athletes like we mentioned above and the other segment is for individuals which we mentioned above. Let’s take a closer look at how and what criteria does it takes to make this sponsorship happen for the category of non-athletes. 

The company gets highly motivated and defines a few factors such as teamwork and positive character traits, such as honesty, pride and discipline. In sports and entertainment, however, excellence usually equates with success and celebrity.

 The sponsorship team from Adidas establishes the connection between a celebrity and their sales and how this business strategy creates benefits and outweighs the costs.

The one above is one the two aspects Adidas delivers it’s sponsorships and the second one being the company extending its support for disaster relief and several other initiatives and organizations with a charitable purpose. 

Adidas as a company listed its support for the education system in Pakistan followed by a tie-up with a German brand which is dedicated to people who are differently abled. Not only that, Adidas also promotes children’s sports in several Brazilian cities. 

So, to sum it up, if you are looking for an opportunity to get a sponsorship from Adidas, you can either be associated with athletics otherwise the organization wants you to be associated with a kind of social drive or some social initiatives which benefits the local communities.

 When we look into the examples shared above it would tell us how much Adidas is aligned to support programs that have achieved success stories like that! 

Teams sponsored by Adidas

How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You
How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You

Alright, did you just mention that you have a small team? 

And true it’s neither a charitable initiative or a big celebrity involved team as well. Then what? 

The good news is that Adidas also sponsors the people playing in lower division clubs and promotes them. Yes, that’s true! 

Let’s list down a few pointers to explain how we get one of these now that we talked about it a lot.

Sponsorship letter for individual athlete

How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You
How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You
  1. Firstly, assign someone the responsibility who can connect with the Adidas team and follow-up time to track the progress. This person needs to research how the panel works and also keep a track of whether or not the organization meets the attributes to get the sponsorship.
  2. Getting in touch with a corporate sponsor requires huge time as well as effort. This is why this dedicated person can make sure that they stick to this task from start to scratch and complete that. At the same time, you can save a lot of time by getting updates from this specific person instead of personally checking-in for emails and responses.
  3. It’s also good to have a few more team members to process the transaction as this will not only ensure that everyone is doing their work diligently but would also drive each individual to create ideas. Teamwork makes the dream work and referring to the lines above it’s significantly important for Adidas to get a reflection of this teamwork.
  4. Finally, working on the presentations and cover letters, because that would be a very important aspect of the entire process. The more precise yet powerful these documents are it will make the sponsorship team understands and accept your offer. To ensure you have the right presentation ready, ensure to see if your values are well aligned with one’s laid down by Adidas.

The three ideologies-success, excellence and celebrity: Who does Adidas sponsor

How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You
How To Get Adidas Sponsorship: Good Read For You

The sponsorship for Adidas relates around the three ideologies and if we refer to all the sponsorship, they have received so far you will find out that it circulates around these three principles or ideologies. 

The primary reason for sponsoring such individuals and organizations is because they revolve around excellence. Adidas prioritize their sponsorships based on certain aspects such as honesty, sensibility, and discipline.

Although this article was dedicated to how to get sponsorship from a dedicated source or organization, which is Adidas in this case it is significantly relatable for getting sponsorships in general as well. We have listed down some of the major points to keep in mind while getting sponsorship from Adidas and you would also get an idea about how exactly their team works.

Good luck and whatever the cause we hope this helps you to go all out and get that sponsorship from Adidas!

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