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How To Get Wings Of Shimmering Galaxy In Genshin Impact? The First Anniversary Of Genshin Impact

How To Get Wings Of Shimmering Galaxy In Genshin Impact? The First Anniversary Of Genshin Impact

The following article is about the process of getting the Wings of Shimmering Galaxy in the Genshin Impact game. After releasing on 20th September 2020, Genshin Impact took the world by storm. The game was produced by miHoYo studio. The game was released on several gaming platforms including PC and Playstation 4. It was also nominated for several gaming awards. With the first anniversary just around the game has something special planned for us. Some of the rewards have already rolled out there are a few which are yet to be rolled out.

One of the best anniversary rewards that Genshin Impact has planned for us is The Wings of Shimmering Galaxy. Now don’t fall from your seat. Whatever you read was the truth. The once believed to be available only through a one-time purchase bundle will be rolled out to the players as one of the game’s Anniversary Gifts of the first part. The fans were upset and angry with the lack of anniversary gifts and rewards from miHoYo and raised their voice on the social media platforms regarding this matter. But with The Wings of Shimmering Galaxy, the fans are more than happy with the game. Let us now quickly see all the details surrounding the special Genshin Impact Anniversary gift.

How To Get Wings Of Shimmering Galaxy In Genshin Impact?

One of the first questions to be asked is how to get the special reward. The answer is quite easy. The players just have to log in to their in-game mail and check the mailbox. After that, the players just have to accept the gift and it will be done. Apart from the set of wings, accepting the mail will also reward the players with 400 Primogems. As mentioned above, this is only the start. The game has planned three other reward packages for the Genshin Impact community. With so many gifts, Genshin Impact is sure to win the hearts of its gaming community, yet again. The only thing that is not sure is that whether miHoYo studio planned it before the outrage or after it.

How To Get Wings Of Shimmering Galaxy In Genshin Impact? The First Anniversary Of Genshin Impact
Anniversary Gift-1

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Details Of The Anniversary Gift

The anniversary gift is indeed a well-received gift among the players, and it is quite easy to acquire them. Even though the process is easy, to begin with, but several people are still facing problem claiming it. As the gamer servers are still rolling out, some players may yet to receive the gift on their server. The steps to claim the gift are mentioned below in simpler words keep following them:

  • First, start Genshin Impact on whatever platform you are playing
  • Second, the Paimon menu is opened by pressing the ESC button
  • After that, the mail icon is needed to be clicked
  • ‘Thank You to All Our Travelers’ mail is to be opened
  • The gifts can be claimed by clicking on the Click button

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After Getting Wings of Shimmering Galaxy

After claiming The Wings of Shimmering Galaxy, players can equip the new set of wings. The wings are musical-themed, which gives it a better look. The wings have nothing special in them and are just like any other set of wings. Even though it is only a cosmetic, players still want to use it to help give their characters a better look with such unique art. With the help of 400 Primogems, players can help their characters get closer to pity with two rolls. Previously, The Wings of Shimmering Galaxy was included in the card with a unique name, along with Splendid Phrase furnishing.

How To Get Wings Of Shimmering Galaxy In Genshin Impact? The First Anniversary Of Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact – Anniversary

No one knows for sure what the game has stored for us in the future. Other items of the card may be gifted to the community in the next parts of the Anniversary gifts. Fans will be hoping that they get it free instead of wasting an in-game purchase option. Overall, there is supposed to be a four-part anniversary gift. One of them has been revealed. If every one of them contains 400 Primogems, then it would be a total of 1600 Primogems. 1600 Primogems is enough to get up to higher levels in the game. The game has an official Twitter page. Tell us what you think about the Anniversary gift of Genshin Impact and what do you think will happen in the future. Give us your feedback on the article.

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