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How To Get Winner Pass In PUBG Mobile Lite In November 2021?

How To Get Winner Pass In PUBG Mobile Lite In November 2021?

The following article deals with the process of getting a Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite in November 2021 and all the details that come along with it. Players Unknown Battleground or PUBG in short is one of the most popular games in 2021. It has been there for more than four years since the game has released. Since its release, the popularity of the game has only been increasing. With several new features and more interesting updates, PUBG has never failed to surprise its fans. One of the best policies that PUBG Corporation took is that they released the Lite version of the game for gamers who have low-quality gaming platforms.

PUBG Mobile Lite, just like its predecessor, has also millions of followers. Speaking of PUBG Mobile Lite, an interesting thing resurfaced. November is the month f Halloween, and like every year, PUBG planned a surprise for the gamers this year too. We know that you all are excited to hear the news, and many of you have already heard it by now. For those of you who do not know, PUBG Mobile Lite has revealed the Winner Pass for November 2021. Everyone is excited to get their hands on the pass doing the task can be a bit tricky. To make the path clear, we are presenting the article to you. Keep on reading to know more.

How To Get Winner Pass In PUBG Mobile Lite In November 2021?

The 30th season has started in PUBG Mobile Lite on 1st November 2021. Players will not find the pass after midnight. They have to wait until 7:30 A.M. according to the Indian Standard Time, for the pass to be available in the store. Like the previous seasons, this season too will have two variants of Winner Pass. The first one is Elite Upgrade. To get the Elite Upgrade, mobile gamers need to spend 280 Battle Coins. The second one is Elite Upgrade Plus. The Elite Upgrade Plus can be purchased for 800 Battle Coins. The PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass can be bought in-game, or gamers can head over to third-party websites to buy it.

How To Get Winner Pass In PUBG Mobile Lite In November 2021?
Winner Pass Season 30 Bundle

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More Information On Winner Pass In PUBG Mobile Lite

Since the game was released, every month showcases the Winner Pass under different seasons. It has been 29 long seasons, and we are going to enter the 30th season. Every season brings new features to the game. For people purchasing the Winner Pass, they can get access to these new features as the season progresses. Gamers who do not buy the pass can get access to the new features, but they need to pay for it after the season ends. The Winner Pass is the same as the reward system in the Battle Royale game. Exciting items will be available this time. The rewards have a wide variety of ranges.

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Leaked Rewards Of This Season

There have been leaked pictures and footage of rewards that come along with the Winter Pass this season. Many people have already seen the pictures, while some are yet to see. But seeing them does not satisfy our thirst for getting our hands on the rewards it only boosts our desire. For those of you who are yet to see reward glimpses, we present you with the list of leaked rewards. Season 30 of PUBG Mobile Lite will include Gothic Gentleman Outfit, Acolyte of Justice Backpack, Sovereign Backpack Skin, Gothic Lady Backpack Skin, Gothic Lady Dacia Skin, Gothic Lady Parachute Skin, Color Balster PP-19 Bizon skin, Mechano Rooster VSS skin, Candy Con VSS skin, etc.

Elite Winner Pass

The above-mentioned rewards are only a bucket of water out of the whole ocean. Gamers can only get a taste of the full thing only if they purchase the Winter Pass. Halloween is right around the corner, and who knows, the game might have a hidden surprise for us. PUBG Mobile Lite is played by millions and many of them will buy the Winner Pass. Hope this article provided you with all the details. Do not forget to give your feedback on the article.

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