Humankind- How Far will you Push?

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Today, In this article, we will talk about the all-new game, ‘Humankind’ release date and specifications of this outstanding game. It is a 4X type which is a strategy based game. Unity Engine is used in this game. There will be two modes which are the single-player mode and multiplayer mode.

What is the game about?

The game is similar to the Civilization series which was first released in 1991. There will be one million civilizations in the game. The player can create a civilization with a combination of 60 historical cultures from ancient to the modern age. Each culture will have different gameplay styles. You can shape it by yourself. To win this game, The player will have to win more and more battles. The player will have to make breathtaking decisions, historical events, and make scientific breakthroughs. The player can be a master of tactical skills by win tactical battles and city building. To convert the current battle to a multi-terrain world war, the player just needs to call the reinforcements. The player will have to create a strategy to win the battles.

A still from the game ‘Humankind’.

At the starting of the game, the player will lead their civilization, which will include the development, control of the military, and many more. There will be bonuses and penalties as well in the game. It will depend on how you control your civilization. The player will get a template as they select the civilization and will have to build in them. There will be many territories in the game, the player will only get one territory to build up. The player can add farms to expand the territory.

The player will have to build up their territory as similar to the Endless Legend, which includes industry, gold, science, food. You will have to use advanced technology to increase production, and trade with other territories. The player can build up their fame by succeeding in the building of civilization. Use advanced technologies to build up fast. Winning only depends on the Fame score. So, the player will have to play as they get fame. The game will include many historical events which the player will have to join that.

When is ‘Humankind’ going to release?

Well, we do not know the exact date but ‘Humankind’ will be released in April 2021. The developer and publishers of this impressive game are Amplitude Studios and Sega respectively. The game will release on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Stadia. The announcement of this game was at Gamescom in August 2019 and an announcement trailer of this heartwarming game has been released. Enhanced graphics will be there and you can pre-order this game by visiting its official website. If you pre-order this game, then you will get a 15% discount and bonus. The bonus includes the Boudicca avatar set, Player profile decoration and symbols set. In the digital deluxe edition, you will get Humankind digital game, digital soundtrack, Unit, and Tech tree poster, and Notre-Dame pack. Stay tuned for the next update.