Lip Reading Experts Confirm Neymar Was Racially Abused By Alvaro Gonzalez

Lip Reading Experts Confirm Neymar Was Racially Abused By Alvaro Gonzalez
Lip-reading experts have confirmed Neymar's racial abuse allegations against Alvaro Gonzalez.

3 lip-reading experts have confirmed that Neymar Jr. was racially abused by Alvaro Gonzalez in the clash between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique Marseille that took place on 13th September. In this classic match, Marseille was leading by 1-0 and the PSG players were frustrated. The game was going all well and smoothly until the injury time where 5 players were sent off the pitch. The Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr was also amongst those 5 players. Neymar was sent off when he was seen hitting Alvaro Gonzalez on the head by VAR. The Brazilian accused Alvaro of making racists comments on him and even complained to the referee. The referee did not believe Neymar which made him even angrier.

Lip Reading Experts Confirm Neymar Was Racially Abused By Alvaro Gonzalez
PSG lost the Le Classique to Marseille with a score of 1-0.

Recently, the match referee was degraded to Ligue 2 after his poor performance. Neymar claimed that he was called a ‘mono’ which means monkey. After the game, Neymar even tweeted saying that he really wanted to kick Alvaro’s face. He also claimed that he deserved a red card for hitting him in the head. But, he stated that did it for a reason and has no regrets about it. Many football stars showed their support for Neymar through their social media. Neymar was given a two-match suspension after getting sent off and will be back in the game against Stade de Reims on 27th September.


What have the experts said about the accusations made by Neymar?

The three lip-reading experts who confirmed that Neymar was racially abused are very trustworthy. Their names are Luis Felipe Ramos, Felipe Oliver, and Mikel Vidal. Ramos is a part of the Rio De Janeiro Deaf Association. On the other hand, Oliver and Vidal are translators who work in the National Institute of Deaf Education. Oliver even stepped forward and stated that Alvaro says the word ‘mono’ the moment he turns his head away. At first, the committee could not find any clear camera angles to prove Neymar’s accusation. However, now there is clear footage from which the experts can confirm that Neymar’s accusations were right.

Le Classique
Alvaro has completely denied all the racial abuse allegations that Neymar made.

It is very sad to hear that racism in football still exists. Moreover, it is sadder that racism in general still exists in this world. Alvaro Gonzalez can get a 10-match suspension if proven guilty. Not only that, but he will lose his fans and the Marseille fans will also not accept him. Alvaro Gonzalez once even made fun of Lionel Messi’s height when he used to play for Villareal. This behavior is not acceptable at all and it should be stopped as soon as possible. The accused should be given a long-term punishment so that every person who thinks that differentiating a person by his skin color understands that it is very wrong and will not be appreciated.