Liverpool Defeats Leeds United: Salah Scores A Hat-trick And The Winning Goal Of The Game

The English Premier League is back with some of the most exciting matches on the first day itself. Premier League is known for one of the toughest leagues. The last season was also exhilarating. Liverpool lifted the trophy by ending the season, having the most points, and Manchester City were the runners-up with 18 points behind the champions. The 2020 season is undoubtedly going to be exciting after such impressive signings done by some teams that make the contest more competitive. Teams like Chelsea and Arsenal have completed some great signings this season and are indeed a team to look out for. Fulham against Arsenal, Crystal Palace vs. Southampton, West Ham vs. Newcastle, and Liverpool vs. Leeds United were the matches scheduled for matchday 1.

Liverpool Defeats Leeds United: Salah Scores A Hat-trick And The Winning Goal Of The Game
Marcelo Bielsa, the manager of Leeds United, during their match against Liverpool.

All the games were fascinating, but there was one match that caught everyone’s attention, and that match was Liverpool FC vs. Leeds United. Liverpool FC is the defending champions who won the Premier League last season. They had a great run in the 2019/20 season and maintained a long unbeaten streak. Leeds United, on the other hand, got promoted to the Premier League after ten years. They had shown excellent quality in the second division. Before the match, many fans said that it is undoubtedly going to be a one-sided match as Liverpool are the current champions, and Leeds just got promoted. But, everyone was shocked during the game. Let us see what happened yesterday that shocked all the football fans.

Match Summary: Liverpool vs. Leeds United

Liverpool took the match very seriously and did start with their strongest eleven. Liverpool has not lost to Leeds even once the last eight times that they have faced them. After the kick-off, just under 3 minutes, Salah won a penalty set on the spot by the referee. The attempt from Salah hit Koch’s hand to block the shot. The Egyptian forward immediately scored the penalty. Just 9 minutes later, Harrison scored the perfect equalizer for Leeds. He controlled the ball so well, dribbling past the right back and putting it past Allison.

In the 20th minute, Van Dijk scored a beautiful header from a corner taken by Henderson. Bamford scored the second equalizer of the game after a horrible mistake from Van Dijk. Van Dijk tried to pass the ball at first touch but ended up placing the ball directly to the scorer’s legs. Just 3 minutes later, Salah scored his second goal of the game. The ball played in by Robertson was headed clear but fell directly into Salah’s left foot. The score at half-time was 3-2 in Liverpool’s favor.

Liverpool Defeats Leeds United: Salah Scores A Hat-trick And The Winning Goal Of The Game
Virgil Van Dijk celebrates after scoring the second goal against Leeds United.

It was a great first half for both the teams, but now Leeds had a job to do in the second half, which they did in the 65th minute. The goal was scored by Mateusz Klich, which was perfectly assisted by Helder Costa. The score was tied again. Each time Liverpool scored, Leeds answered with a goal too. The score was 3-3 until the 88th minute, where Salah completed his hat-trick after scoring the winning goal of the match. The goal was again from the spot-kick. Fabinho was fouled inside the box by Rodrigo, and Salah also ended up scoring the penalty. Even though Leeds United lost the game, they made it clear that they are not supposed to be counted as the weaker side at all.

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