Sam Burgess Under Investigation By The NRL

Sam Burgess Under Investigation By The NRL
Sam Burgess is currently under investigation by the NRL.

Former professional rugby league footballer Samuel Burgess a.k.a Sam Burgess has been accused of several serious allegations after which the NRL has started investigating the athlete. Burgess was in South Sydney Rabbitohs in the NRL. Allegations have been made that the club covered all of the player’s illegal activities. They also created fake identities when tests were done before the game. The club knew about every activity that Burgess did and still promoted him as the coach. Many proofs such as call logs, emails, and chats have been found. The authorities have also uncovered numerous pharmaceutical records and bank records that add up to his drug use.

Sam Burgess Under Investigation By The NRL
Sam Burgess with the Chief Medical Officer of South Sydney Rabbitohs, Andrew McDonalds,

Andrew McDonald, the Chief Medical Officer of the team injected a specific drug into him but then the prescription was written for some other name. In 2018, when Burgess did a drug test, he was found positive for ketamine and MDMA. However, they were recorded under fake names. In 2018, he assaulted his pregnant wife Phoebe Burgess in the presence of Dr. McDonald but no action was taken against him. Everyone in the club including the highest authorities were familiar with everything Burgess did.

Samuel Under Investigation By The NRL
Sam Burgess with his wife Phoebe Burgess.

What did Sam’s lawyers say?

Mark O’Brien is the lawyer for Burgess. He came forward stating that all the allegations made are false and denied to any such occurrences. He said that sources are giving out fake allegations to cut down his reputation. NRL guidelines state that if any player who is registered should be reported if they carry out any activity which is against the rules and regulations.

Samuel Under Investigation By The NRL
Mitch Hooke with his daughter Phoebe Burgess.

Mitch Hooke, the father of Phoebe Burgess had made a complaint when he saw him assaulting his daughter. The case went on and Burgess never admitted to any such wrongdoing. Phoebe stated that their relationship has been a mess. Sam used to harass her physically and mentally. He used to make threats which is why she felt unsafe and they got divorced. After the investigation began, Burgess stepped down from his position as the coach. The club said that there are serious allegations and they would look deeply into it before taking any decision.

Samuel Burgess Under Investigation By The NRL
A still of Sam Burgess from the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Who is Sam Burgess?

Born on 14th December, 1988 in England Samuel Burgess, better known as Sam Burgess started playing football since his childhood. His father used to be a rugby player and his mother was a teacher. In 2006, he made his Super League debut with Bradford Bulls. In 2010, he joined the South Sydney to play for the NRL all-stars. He stayed with them for 4 years and then decided to leave rugby but made a return in 2015. He was paid $1.5 million where he became the highest-paid rugby footballer of all time. Burgess also won the Clive Churchill Medal in the grand final as Man of the Match. He has also played for the England national team and Great Britain on the international level. In 2019, he announced his retirement and started working as a coach.