Serena Williams Quits From French Open Due To An Injury

Serena Williams Quits From French Open Because Of An Injury
Serena Williams has quit from French Open due to an injury.

American professional tennis player Serena Williams withdrew her name from the French Open on Wednesday. The second round of the tournament was about to begin when she announced her decision. She has been facing Achilles injury for a very long time, making it difficult for her to play. She withdrew from the ATP tournament, which was held in Rome due to this. Williams said that after playing the US Open and suffering from the pain, her Achilles did not get enough time to heal. She said that she also had trouble walking, which is why she decided to quit.

Serena Williams Quits From French Open Because Of An Injury
A still of Serena Williams from her round 1 of French Open 2020.

When will we get to see Serena Williams participate next?

Now, she will be participating only after she has recovered completely. The chances are she will be missing the rest of the year and will be back at the 2021 Australian Open. Doctors have recommended her to rest for the next six weeks without doing anything. The tournament was already delayed for six months because of the ongoing pandemic. Serena made a comeback this year after giving birth to her baby. She is also one of the most aged players participating. With younger players such as Naomi Osaka, Simona Halep, and Ashleigh Barty, it is surely difficult for Williams to compete against them.

As you get older, your body and muscles tend to get weak. Williams had trained her best to make a comeback, but it seems like her body is not cooperating with her. She has been in tennis for more than 22 years now, and the American superstar has started struggling. In 2011, Williams missed three Grand Slams when she was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. A clot was found in her lungs that made her withdraw from the tournament. During the delivery of her baby in 2017, she had to undergo an emergency cesarean section because of which she did not play tennis for a year.

Serena Williams Quits From French Open Because Of An Injury
A still of Serena Williams from the 2018 French Open.

For the first time, Williams is going to miss the French Open:

Since 2006, this will be the first time when she will not be a part of the finals. Williams made her professional debut in 1995, and since then, she has been touring creating records. Fans were excited about Williams restarting her career. She has always been competitive, which is her motivation to participate in every game and give the best. She has said before that tennis is something she loves and will continue playing till the time she can. Williams is 39 and at this age, managing her hardcore training activities while taking care of health is quite difficult. Injuries will take longer to heal, and she will have to take more time to rest as you start aging, your power and speed decrease, which is a major factor in the game. Serena Williams’ willpower and determination is something that will never change.