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Shane Mosley Net Worth: What is the Former Boxer’s Worth?

Shane Mosley is a 45-year-old former champion boxer hailing from California, United States. He is a three-time world champion in different weight classes and is considered one of the greatest boxers of his generation. He was named Ring Magazine’s ‘Fighter of the Year’ in 2000 and 2004 and is known for his elite athleticism and boxing talent.


Mosley stands at 5ft 9in. He was tall for a boxer and had a large reach advantage when it came to sparring and boxing which allow him to have much success in the ring. His quick movements and fast reflexes made him difficult to hit and he took advantage of this with his counterpunches and hand speed.


Mosley’s professional boxing career began in 1993 when he was 20-years-old and ended in 2019 when he was 45-years-old. He was one of the longest-reigning boxers of his generation and maintains a place among the greats to ever lace up the gloves.

Net Worth

Today, Mosley’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere between $7 and $9 million. He has earned significant amounts of money from his fights and has also had some endorsement deals with brands like Nike. His net worth may not be in the same league as the likes of Tyson and Mayweather, but it is still impressive nonetheless.

After his retirement, Shane Mosley has focused his attention on his numerous business endeavors. He runs his own boxing gym, is involved in real estate, and has various investments in the food industry. It appears that thanks to these businesses and investments, Mosley is well-positioned financially and looks set to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in his retirement.

What did Shane Mosley do before becoming a boxer?

Before becoming a boxer, Shane Mosley was a two-time amateur champion who competed in several martial arts styles, including kickboxing, taekwondo and judo. He also worked at a community center teaching self-defense to high school students. Mosley later turned to boxing and made his professional debut in 1993. In 2000, he won his first world title when he beat Oscar De La Hoya with a unanimous decision. During his professional boxing career, Mosley won world titles in three different weight classes.

What type of career did Shane Mosley have before boxing?

Before becoming a professional boxer, Shane Mosley had a successful career as a construction worker. He worked as a plasterer, painter, and drywaller for over 15 years, during which time he also competed in amateur boxing tournaments. Mosley began his professional boxing career in 1993 and achieved great success in the ring, winning world titles in three different weight classes. He retired from boxing in 2019, after 26 years as a professional fighter.


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