St. Louis Cardinals’ Star-Player Bob Gibson Passed Away At 84

On Friday, Robert Gibson, more popularly known as Bob Gibson, passed away due to pancreatic cancer. His death coincided with the date when he had one of his best games during the 1968 World Series. The Cardinals confirmed Gibson’s death. William DeWitt Jr., the owner of Cardinals, stated that Gibson was one of the best athletes and competitor baseball has ever had. He was always there for his team and remained in contact with many in the organization. Everyone will miss his presence and guidance.

All of his friends cannot believe that the most challenging person they know is not alive anymore. One week before his death, he was hospitalized. The doctors had already told them that his condition is serious, and he does not have much time left. Mike Claiborne, the broadcaster for the Cardinals, also expressed his disbelief and stating how important Gibson was for him. The whole of St. Louis went to pay their tribute to the legend.

St. Louis Cardinals’ Star-Player Bob Gibson Passed Away At 84
A still of Bob Gibson during a New York Mets match.

Who is Bob Gibson?

Bob Gibson was Born on 9th November 1935 in Omaha, Nebraska, Robert Gibson was one of the seven kids of Pack and Victoria Gibson. His father passed away due to tuberculosis just three months prior to his birth. Gibson had many health issues as a child. He suffered from asthma, pneumonia, and rickets. To live a healthy lifestyle, he got himself into sports, playing baseball and basketball. He got into the Junior Baseball Season. Cardinals signed him, giving him a bonus of $3,000. He also used to play as the traveling member for Harlem Globetrotters basketball but gave up due to travel issues. He has had his most successful years with the Cardinals. In 1968, everybody awarded him the title of the Pitcher of the Year due to his performance. During the game, he never smiled and always showed dominance. Everyone thought of him as quite intimidating.

St. Louis Cardinals’ Star-Player Bob Gibson Passed Away At 84
A still of Bob Gibson during his time at St, Louis Cardinals.

He has won several awards such as the Golden Glove award, Cy Young Award, and the World Series MVP Award. In 1975, he announced his retirement. He was not clear on what the future holds for him. He went back to Omaha and started working in a bank. In 1981, he returned to baseball and started working as a coach for the New York Mets. Gibson was married twice. He has two kids with his first wife, Charline, and one with his second wife, Wendy. In 2019, he was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. The two-time World Series winner was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981. In 2014, he was inducted into the Cardinals’ Hall of Fame, and it has his retired uniform with number 45.

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