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UFC 276: How It Happened

UFC 276 became the center of attention for all UFC fans worldwide. This event was probably the most anticipated event so far in the UFC as the main event, and co-main event were of almost equal measures. Israel Adesanya went up against Cannonier, and Alexander Volkanovski faced Max Holloway for the third time. Both the champions were able to defend their title in style, though Adesanya received some criticism from the public after the fight. The fight did not turn out to be the way fans were expecting. There was a sense of disappointment between the fans as they felt they did not get their money’s worth. Israel Adesanya managed to defend his middleweight title for the fifth successive time.

However, Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway was a full entertainer. This was their third bout inside the octagon. Max had felt a little cheated in their second fight, it was too close to call Alexander a clear winner. But there were no doubts in the third fight. Alexander completely dominated the fight, and Max had no chance to call himself a winner. Both Israel and Alexander won by decision after the end of all five rounds. Cannonier and Max tried their best, but they are champions for a reason, and they proved themselves yet again.

Let us have a breakdown of the fights in UFC 276.

UFC 276: Israel Tactics And Volkanovski’s Sheer Intensity

UFC 276 was held in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The co-main event was Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway, followed by the main event Israel Adesanya vs Cannonier. These two fights were probably the most anticipated fights of this year’s UFC. Starting with Israel Adsenya vs Cannonier’s fight. There were a lot of pre-fight buildups, and Israel stated that he would put up a spectacular show for the audience who are paying so much money to watch the fight. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way everyone assumed it would. People were left highly disappointed with the fight, and there has been enormous criticism of Adesanya.

UFC 276 Israel Adesanya Vs Cannonier 1
UFC 276

It was a boring fight as there was not a lot of action, and Israel played on the counterattack. A strategy that is good to defend yourself and your title. The fight made it to the five rounds, and there was nothing significant event to discuss upon. Knowing Cannonier’s knockout power, Israel was happy to keep himself at a distance from his opponent. Slowly and steadily, he managed to outscore Cannonier. After the end of five rounds, Israel was declared the winner through a decision.

Alexander Volkanovski Vs Max Holloway III

This was easily the fight of the night as it had everything to offer in UFC 276. The previous two meetings between them saw Alexander winning the fights. However, in the second fight, Max did not agree with the decision of the judges as he felt the fight was too close. In the third fight, it was a straightforward decision. Volkanovski totally dominated the fight and gave Max no chance to plant his feet. He was completely overpowered, and after five rounds, Volkanovski was declared a clear winner. With this fight, the battle between the two fighters has come to a conclusion.

The champions managed to defend their respective titles as the challengers were left hanging in defeat.

Alexander Vs Max Holloway
Alexander Vs Max Holloway

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