Arnaud Clement commenTs on Rafael Nadal's behavior

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Rafael Nadal, according to former French tennis star Arnaud Clement, is a brilliant champion but a very simple person.

What I find extraordinary about Rafa is that he has always been a player, with his entourage, extremely polite

Arnaud Clement

Many people have regarded Nadal, a 21-time Grand Slam champion, as a very kind and humble person off court.

Clement, a former professional tennis player who retired in 2012, agrees with their assertions.

During his career, Clement faced Nadal four times.

Nadal won three of their four meetings, with Clement's lone victory coming in the 2006 Marseille semifinal.

We respect each other but I can't say we're close or anything but here it is

Arnaud Clement

Rafael  Nadal is extraordinar, he is exceptionally simple.

Arnaud Clement

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