atletico san luis vs pumas unam: highlights and scores 

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Atletico san luis defeated pumas 2-0 to get key points towards a post season appearance

Atletico san luis came back from a bad loss to stop the surging pumas.

 The home side took advantage of pumas resting various players from the starting event

The first half started with pumas resting a number of players and having the return of injured midfielder marco Garcia

Atletico san luis came up with there best starting eleven as they looked for three points at home

 The second half started with pumas subbing out diogo de Oliveira, Pablo bennevendo, and marco Garcia for jose rogerio, alan mozo, and Leonel lopez.

 Atletico san luis had good performance over all to stop a pumas team that was improving and getting results.

Pumas tried to change things by getting the starters in the second half, but it was too little, too late.


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