Barcelona Might sell Frenkie de Jong

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Due to Manchester United's interest in Frenkie de Jong,...

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has repeated that the club may be obliged to sell one of its important signings this season

It's the clearest indication yet that Barcelona is willing to cash in on the Dutch star, at least openly

The financial situation of the Spanish club is deteriorating

As a result, the club may be forced to sell some of its most valuable assets this summer

De Jong is regarded as one of the team's main attractions

Also, De Jong is a big fan of United's

United have been following him for over a month

They haven't made an official offer for him yet

However, there is a growing belief that a settlement will be reached

If our financial situation requires the sale of an important player,

Joan Laporta to Barca TV

we are ready for that

Joan Laporta to Barca TV

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