CCTV footage of violent scenes at stade de France destroyed

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The French Football Federation (FFF) has announced that the CCTV video of the Champions League final...

...which was overshadowed by a security breakdown at the Stade de France last month...

has been obliterated!

Local adolescents allegedly roughed up, tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, and harassed Liverpool fans 

During the May 28 final between Liverpool and Real Madrid, as per witnesses...

...The game was subsequently deferred by roughly 36 minutes 

As UEFA accused the supporters of arriving late...

The clip from the encounter was widely shared on social media

That prompted UEFA to offer a half-hearted admission of guilt six days later

We’re surprised,

Senate commission’s co-president, AFP

There was plenty of time to request them.

Senate commission’s co-president, AFP

We need to understand what happened.

Senate commission’s co-president, AFP

by seeing

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