Did Cody Rhodes influence Matt Cardona?

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Cody Rhodes is a personal buddy of Matt Cardona's

Matt praises the "American Nightmare" for making the most of his return to WWE.

In a subsequent interview with Wrestling Inc.,... 

...Cardona discussed a variety of issues with Managing Editor Nick Hausman,...

...especially his thoughts on Rhodes' return to the WWE

The way that Rhodes was able to develop his image and character... 

...while outside the WWE...

...is definitely that Cardona admires

What a night for Cody and what a return it’s been, and he’s proven himself,

Matt Cardona

He’s one of my closest buddies and I’m very happy for him.

Matt Cardona

And he’s doing his thing and he’s doing it his way, and more power to him.

Matt Cardona

It’s super cool that he was able to bring his music, and his logos, and his nickname.

Matt Cardona

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