gabriel abgonlahor asks for christiano ronaldo's punishment

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According to Gabby Agbonlahor, the FA should suspend Cristiano Ronaldo from Man United.

Following his "shocking" outburst during Man United's 1-0 loss to Everton on Saturday, Agbonlahor said Ronaldo felt untouchable (9 April).

so what really stirred the pledge?

Ronaldo was caught on camera yanking a phone from the grip of a young autistic Everton supporter.

On Sunday (10 April), he apologized on Instagram and welcomed the boy to Old Trafford as a "sportsmanship" gesture.

The mother of the child told Sky News today (12 April) that she did not believe Ronaldo's apology was sincere and that she did not want to speak with him.

Why would an Everton fan go to watch Man United play?

Gabriel Agbonlahor

It’s very poor and he should be punished. The club won’t punish him, he could come in six hours late and they wouldn’t do anything. What needs to happen is the FA needs to fine him and give him a suspension.

Gabriel Agbonlahor

If it was any other player this would have been a bigger story and a bigger problem, Ronaldo feels like he can do whatever he wants

Gabriel Agbonlahor

It's worth mentioning that Merseyside police are looking into a possible attack on the young Everton supporter. However, the lawsuit has yet to come to a resolution.

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