Isimemen Etute faced criminal charges

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In May 2021, Isimemen Etute, a Virginia Tech freshman linebacker, had been charged with second-degree murder

The charge carries a term of five to 40 years in prison, and the jury could have found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter instead

As previously told by the prosecutors to the jury that when Etute, then 18, discovered Smith was a man, he became enraged and fatally beat him

And various versions of the event have been told by Etute of the event

The jury accepted Etute's claim of self-defense after witnessing the plaintiff "make a reach" toward his bed, where a knife was later discovered

As the verdict was announced, Etute burst into tears, and a crowd of about 30 relatives, proponents, and fellow players applauded

I think he's earned the right to go back to school and further his academic and sports career

James Turk, Lawyer

I think the school that ends up taking him is going to get probably a lot wiser and a much smarter and an exceptional athlete

James Turk, Lawyer

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