Jerome Rothen talked about Messi's Disappointing Performance

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Lionel Messi's performance throughout the game was criticised by former PSG winger Jerome Rothen.

Rothen also mentioned how Luka Modric was able to out manoeuvre him during the match.

Following his move to the Parc des Princes last summer, Lionel Messi's situation has only gotten more complicated.

Since arriving in Paris, the Argentine has been a shadow of his former self, scoring just seven goals in 25 games in all competitions.

Rothen couldn't disguise his disappointment at Messi's dismal form after another lackluster performance at the Santiago Bernabeu.

I’m ashamed to talk about Messi like that, but it’s the reality! Yesterday he walked on the pitch. He made efforts from 10 meters! Modric put it in his pocket!

Jerome Rothen

The other – it annoys me so much to mention his name – he lost all his balls! Since he’s been there, it’s been a mess!

Jerome Rothen

He has played less than 50% of PSG matches, and when he’s here, we’re going to find excuses for him by saying that he was coming back from an injury? No, there’s no time; it was last night that you had to be there.

Jerome Rothen

There are whispers circulating that Messi may leave the Parc des Princes in favour of a return to Barcelona at the end of the season.

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