Manchester United Bruno Fernandes Involved In a Car Crash

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After being involved in a car accident this morning, Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes escaped major injury.

After an incident involving his Porsche near the club's Carrington training camp, midfielder Fernandes, 27, was unharmed and is likely to practise as usual.

The other persons involved in the crash, which occurred near the player's Cheshire home, are also expected to be unharmed.

The vehicle, valued at £90,000, was damaged on the driver's side, with two automobiles visibly battered down a tight route.

The second vehicle, a Volkswagen, appears to have collided with a fence, leaving the driver's door ajar. The tarmac was also littered with debris.

The front airbags appear to have exploded inside, and the right-hand wheel was heavily buckled and pressed against the frame, which has big scuff marks.

The incident also threw emergency workers for a loop.

Fernandes' accident occurred just one day before his team's Premier League match against Liverpool.

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