New Nintendo leaks

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The Nintendo Switch Pro is the most evasive (speculated) platform in gaming retention

But it never materialized!

If recent leaks are to be believed, though...

...a beefed-up Switch sequel may be on the way

This week, NVIDIA was the target of a massive cyberattack

It leaked code for several forthcoming devices and processors

According to rumors, the code 'nvn2' could relate to a Nintendo Switch with ray tracing and DLSS compatibility

With Nintendo just confirming that the five-year-old Switch is nearing the end of its life cycle…

…gamers have speculated whether this implies new consoles will be released in the following half-decade

According to this recent leak, there's reason to be guardedly optimistic… 

…that we'll be spinning a kart across Bowser's castle in gorgeous 4K shortly

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