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Neymar Jr's perfect reply to critics

Neymar Jr., the forward for Paris Saint-Germain, has addressed his detractors after the French team's 6-2 preseason victory over Gamba Osaka. 

The Brazilian is alleged of plunging within the penalty area to earn a free kick, 

Which he successfully scored to add to his team's goal.

Brazilian news channel Globo highlighted the contentious decision that favored the PSG attacker in a tweet.

PSG's 6-2 win over Gamba Osaka had a move that is going viral. Neymar suffers a penalty, let's say, ghost...

Globo on Twitter

Neymar responded to the tweet after learning about it and released his reaction, making fun of his detractors.

Ghost? ge being ge … it's a penalty! Bunch of people who never even kicked a ball and keep doing s**t.

Neymar on Twitter

It's not the first time PSG's record-signing player has come under fire for his sleazy antics. 

He's established a penchant for collapsing quickly and glaringly emphasizing even the most minute of contact from the opposing defender.