Pat Riley slammed Miami Heats Players for their performance

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Who is Pat Riley?

He is an American professional basketball executive and a former coach and player

He is the president and head coach of the Miami Heat

Why was  he angry?

He was angry over Miami Heats playoff exit

How did the team lost?

The Heat beat the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers in the first two rounds of the playoffs.

The Boston Celtics then beat the Heat in seven games to advance to the NBA Finals.

What was  Pat's reaction?

"It was a bitter loss. The dragon hasn't left my body yet from that loss. I was stunned. I was frustrated, angry. I was all of those things for the last week. Now I'm beginning to move past all that."

"I definitely feel an obligation to finish this build," Riley told reporters.

"If we are  three years into this build,  I don't want  to do another three years of building this team"


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