Real Madrid Transfer News Update

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Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has reached a verbal contract and a deal has been signed with Real Madrid.

Real Madrid elected to sign him after coach Carlo Ancelotti requested it, allowing him to let play David Alaba in the left-back position.

Rudiger's addition to the roster would also provide stability to Madrid's poor line of scrimmage, which has seen Nacho Fernandez play longer than planned this season.

Rudiger is agreed to issue a four-year contract with Real Madrid.

Luka Jovic may be attracting renewed curiosity from Bundesliga, as per reports.

Jovic has had a hard ride at Real Madrid due to being stranded beneath Karim Benzema, and multiple ailments and maladies.

Just a few years after failing to sign the Serbian in the transfer window, Jovic has reappeared on Bayern Munich's wishlist.

Jovic is thought to be a cost-effective fix to Bayern Munich's difficulty if Robert Lewandowski moves for FC Barcelona.

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