Samir Handanovic Injury Reports

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Inter Milan officials acknowledged the degree of Samir Handanovic's ailment on Monday.

After examining the goalkeeper's injuries, it was discovered that he has a hairline crack in his left hand.

Handanovic hurt his hand in practise and will be evaluated every day. 

Leading to a smaller back ailment too, Handanovic was unable to play in Serie A match against Bologna.

His absence proved exorbitant as substitute goalie Andrei Radu made a costly slip-up in management in the game, allowing Bologna to win.

There has been conflicting information about how long he will be gone.

Some reports claim he'll be out for three to four weeks, while others claim he'll be back in time for the Milan derby.

Handanovic will miss matches against teams like AC Milan, if he is sidelined for a few weeks as most reports imply.

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