Suns vs Mavericks: Semifinal Match Prediction and More

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Following a strong performance in Game 1, the Phoenix Suns will try to continue their winning streak with the Dallas Mavericks on May 4 at the Footprint Center.

The Suns are in a good spot to preserve their homecourt after winning Game 1 (121-114). The Mavericks will try to shift gears as soon as possible.

Despite their superstar Luka Doncic's exceptional display on the night, his comrades failed to provide him with appropriate assistance.

The Mavericks are reeling off a devastating loss in Game 1 of the series.

The Mavericks battled to get their offence going against suffocating Phoenix defence, despite rookie Luka Doncic's exemplary work.

Maxi Kleber came off the bench to make a significant impact, and Jalen Brunson scored some crucial baskets in the fourth quarter to keep the game close.

The Phoenix Suns got off to a good start in the playoffs, winning the first game.

While homecourt advantage is important, Phoenix is the favourite, due to its superior performance relative to the Mavericks this season.

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