Suns vs Pelicans: Match Highlights and Scores

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The New Orleans Pelicans attempted to win their second straight game against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday, hoping to break out of their early-season funk.

New Orleans won 122-116 at home on Sunday, putting the Saints on their first winning streak of the season.

The Pelicans entered the season as basketball's most disappointing club, with practically every key player on the roster injured. They were 3-11.

It was a physically demanding game. The Pelicans made 32 of 42 free throws, while the Suns only went to a line 15 times and made 10 of them.

With 8:05 left, the Pelicans led 89-85 and went on a 12-0 run to seal the deal.

Valanciunas scored 10 points in a 3:34 span of the fourth quarter to help the Pelicans pull away after being held to six points in Game 3.

The Suns, who had lost two straight games, were finally going home after a three-game road trip.


New Orleans Pelicans: 118

Phoenix Suns:103

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