The real reason behind Gerard Pique and Shakira's separation

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In 2011, they started dating

Milan(9) and Sasha(7) are their two children

SHAKIRA and Gerard Pique were formerly regarded as the ideal pair, for whom everyone yearned

Regrettably, the musician and the Barcelona midfielder have broken up

The pair confirmed their breakup on June 6TH

The news came amid reports that the athlete had gone missing

Following Shakira's revelation of Pique’s alleged adulterous affair, ...

Yellow Leaves

...reports in Spain indicate Pique has been "living alone in his apartment for weeks."

Yellow Leaves

Also, Marca claims that his clubbing has been "out of hand"

We regret to confirm that we are separating,

Shakira and Pique to Reuters

For the wellbeing of our children, who are our highest priority,

Shakira and Pique to Reuters

We ask that you respect their privacy.

Shakira and Pique to Reuters

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