Thomas Tuchel unsure about Chelsea winning

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After Chelsea's 1-0 victory over Newcastle United at Stamford Bridge, Thomas Tuchel expressed his emotions at full-time.

Chelsea had a quiet and frustrating afternoon in the city on Sunday.

Given that it was their 17th game of 2022, compared to the Magpies' 10th, it was somewhat unsurprising.

With everything going on at Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel has sought to maintain a good atmosphere by ensuring that his players focus on what they are entitled and paid to do: play football.

Even if they were distracted, it would not have been frowned upon; in fact, they would have had every right to be so.

Chelsea has been winning in prior games despite the conditions, but Sunday appeared to be a step too far.

A brilliant goal in the 89th minute broke the stalemate and guaranteed Chelsea's sixth consecutive league victory.

Some chastised Tuchel for his 'unnecessary' jubilation, but Eddie Howe, the opposition manager, remained unfazed.

I don't think there was anything directed at us. His team scored late in the game. I don't think it was disrespectful. He was caught in his moment.”

Eddie Howe, Newcastle United Manager

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