Types of Tennis Courts

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The classic lawn tennis surface is grass, which is famously used on Wimbledon's iconic courts. Due to the significant upkeep...

Grass courts

required to keep the courts in excellent shape, it's not a surface you'll see very often these days.

Crushed shale, stone, or brick are used to construct clay courts. In comparison to

Clay courts

other surfaces, this surface slows the ball down and generates a slow and high bounce.

Hard courts are built of uniformed, unyielding materials with an acrylic surface covering, as the name implies.

Hard courts

This surface is quite popular all around the world because it provides a more consistent .

his is a synthetic grass-like surface that plays similarly to grass in many aspects. The ball will go rapidly and stay low...

Artificial grass

but it is also a wonderful surface for all levels of players to develop on because the bounce is even and the spin is steady.


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