by soumi roy

Warzone Season 5 weapons leaked

Warzone Season 5 weapons leaked

Dataminers recently uncovered secret information under Warzone Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded archives, 


where a significant quantity of information on Season 5 was concealed.

Popular leaker Reality has published several tweets with strings that refer to upcoming events, weapon names, schematics, and incursions.

Reality shared a string on his Twitter page that included the blueprints and packages for the new weapons in Season 5. 

According to leaks, the RA 225 and the EX1 are the next two weaponry that will be introduced in the upcoming season (EM1). 

The latter may be an automatic rifle, according to rumors.

As per the leak, the Tracer Pack: 8-Bit Warfare Bundle will also include a new incredible blueprint for the EX1. 

The blueprints for the gun will also include Hi-Bit Pixel Tracers.

Along with these two weapons, there is also another melee weaponry that will probably debut in the following season.