Yves Bissouma Might Join Tottenham

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It's possible that the Premier League transfer window will remain only open for five days

Tottenham, on the other hand, has moved rapidly to implement their summer plans

Bissouma is on his way to becoming Tottenham's third summer acquisition

Bissouma's contract with Brighton is set to end next summer

In the winter transfer window, Aston Villa attempted to sign him

Spurs, on the other hand, have jumped ahead of them in the battle to sign him

As Antonio Conte's grand plan appears to be taking shape, Tottenham Hotspur is closing on another new acquisition in Yves Bissouma

Last season, Antonio Conte made his need for investments clear

North London's higher-ups appear to have taken notice

Tottenham has a slew of new signings on the way

Antonio Conte is looking for at least six fresh players to bolster his roster

Next season, they are planning to compete in both the Premier League and the Champions League

Spurs are also interested in Christian Eriksen and Everton's Richarlison

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