Why is Deshaun Watson not playing?

Why is Deshaun Watson not playing
Deshaun Watson

There is yet another sad news for the fans of Huston Texans, another member of this team will not be able to participate in the game. Those who were asking, why Deshaun Watson is not playing? In this article, we will tell you the reason why you Deshaun is staying away from the game. There are sexual assault allegations on American football quarterbacks Deshaun Watson. He will not appear in the game because of 22 sexual misconduct lawsuits. Due to the lawsuit, he will not be able to play in any further matches. Deshaun Watson has been a part of such controversies many times.

Deshaun Watson, is an American football quarterback, is widely regarded as one of the finest performers. He is seen playing for Houston Texans in the National Football League (NFL).He played college football at Clemson, where he led the team to victory in the 2016 national championship. Watson has been cited as a first-round election by many examiners and analysts. He has been named the top quarterback available by Sports Illustrated, ESPN and Pro Football Focus. Deshaun enrolled in Clemson in January 2014. While studying in high school, Deshaun wore #4,  in Clemson, that number had retired after graduating from Steve Fuller. However, Fuller allowed Watson to enter the number. Watson has entered his real season as a first backup Cole Stoudt, but still has plenty of playing time.

Deshaun set many records in his high school career, he also led the team while in second year. He not only led the team but also achieved success. While studying in college, he started getting offers from many other colleges as well. He was named the as top quarterback in 2014. 

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Why is Deshaun Watson not playing?

why deshaun watson is not playing
Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is surrounded by a sexual misconduct lawsuit, 22 lawsuits have been filed against him. And he will not be seen playing in this game. A massage therapist filed a case against Watson on March 16, 2021, for inappropriately touching her during treatment. After the disclosure of this therapist, more women came forward and made similar allegations against Watson. Watson strongly denied Buzbee’s allegations, saying I have never treated another woman with anything other than great respect. The case also alleges that Watson later extended a hand to therapist and apologized for his actions.

As of April 5, 2021, 22 cases have been filed against Watson, although professional therapists are still rubbing his character, claiming the allegations contradict their experience with Watson. Two of the 22 women who filed a lawsuit against Watson appeared in a press conference. On April 7, 2021, Nike and Beats By Dre stopped working with Watson, two days later, Hardin claimed that some of Watson’s massage led to “sexual acts” but that was consistent. On the same day, the two judges ruled that 13 of the 22 cases should be cleared within two business days or risk expulsion and that four of the plaintiffs should re-use their current names. Lawyers have announced that nine out of 12 women will voluntarily disclose their names.

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Will he return to the match?

why is deshaun watson is not playing
Deshaun Watson

The National Football League has suspended Watson for some time. And at the moment there is no chance that he will appear in the game or not. Although Deshaun is still part of the team, he has not been fired. According to NFL reporters, this lawsuit is very big, it may take a year or more. Apart from all this, Watson still wants to be a part of the game.

It’s not just Deshaun who is staying away from the game this year, apart from him there is another quarterback who doesn’t appear in the game this year. Apart from the Deshaun Watson, Texan quarterback Tyrod Taylor is also not playing match this year. He is recovering from hamstring injury. The team suffered heavy losses due to the absence of two good players.

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Career as a Football Quarterback

He attended Gainesville High School since the fall of 2010 and played for the Red Elephants football team. Deshaun got selected in the first round of the 2017 National Football League (NFL) Draft by The Huston Texans. Watson has entered his real season as a first backup Cole Stoudt, but still has plenty of playing time. He holds the record for most touchdowns passing in one game by a rookie quarterback. You have the highest percentage of job completion.

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