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why is Tyrod Taylor not playing?

Why is Tyrod Taylor not playing? When will he return from Injury?

In today’s article, we will tell you, after all, why Tyrod Taylor is not playing, whether he will play again or not. A sad incident has come to light for the fans of American football quarterback Tyrod Taylor. A Houston Texans player, Tyrod Taylor suffered a hamstring injury during the game. Due to this incident, his team also suffered a great loss. 

Tyrod Taylor is an American football quarterback who plays for the Houston Texans in the National Football League (NFL). Tyrod completed the journey from college football to playing in the nationals. He represented Virginia Tech during his senior year. In addition to a slightly smaller frame than the average NFL quarterback. Taylor has received praise for his work ethic, sincerity and athletic reach, and sports. He is also popular for his low level of profits, the second-lowest passerby with at least a thousand attempts since 2019. Although audiences also point to his style of play, often calling him a “game manager” in the same way as players like Alex Smith. In Taylor’s new year, Taylor put in more time for the season with younger quarterback Sean Glennon.

In football, he helped lead the team as a quarterback, while also being the starting point for the team’s comeback and kicking. During his first four years, he led the team to a 34-4 record. Tyrod Taylor broke many records, such as he is known for the highest completion percentage in a single game. He holds the highest career passer rating, Tyrod holds the record for passing more than 500 throws. Not only this, but Tyrod has also done most of the conceptual pass attempts without any hitch. And in 2016, he broke his record and set a solid example.

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Why is Tyrod Taylor not playing? The Reason Explained

why is tyrod taylor not playing
Tyrod Taylor Injury

This Sunday, Tyrod suffered a hamstring injury while playing against the Cleveland Barons. Tyrod had to leave the ground due to the injury, and rookie quarterback Davis replaced him for the rest of the match. On September 6, 2021, head coach David Culley announced Tyrod the Week 1 start of the quarterback due to legal issues regarding the start of the first quarter Deshaun Watson. In his first start for Texas, Taylor finished 21-of-33 for 291 yards with two touchdowns. And 41 yards out on the field in an annoying Jacksonville Jaguars victory. While playing for Week 2, Taylor suffered a hamstring injury in the first half. 

Last year too, Tyrod had to leave the game midway due to his health reasons. This injury was due to his rib being cracked. When Tyrod was playing the game of Week 1 against Bengals, his two ribs got cracked. Despite the injury, this American football quarterback continued to play. And with the injury, he also cleared the game of Week 2. But, after that for some matches, it was big for him to stay away from the game.

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Tyrod Taylor Injury Update 

why is tyrod taylor is not playing.

Taylor completed the first half of the game, but he could not play further. Earlier it was said that due to Tyrod’s injury, he would now be kept  away from the game for four weeks. Now Tyrod will have to go under MRI to know the status of the injury. According to the doctors, the injury is very serious, and he will have to be kept off the ground for some time. Due to the injury, he will have to pay more attention to his health for some time.

The other members are not clear if the injury is too serious or not, but soft it is a tissue injury, and those tend to last longer. At least a three to eight weeks period is required to recover from a Grade 1 or 2 hamstring. Three months recovery period is needed for Grade 3 injury. According to the sources, Tyrod Taylor is undergoing grade 2 strain.

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Will Tyrod return to the game?

At this point, there is no chance of Tyrod returning to the game. For this reason, Tyrod Taylor is not playing further matches. Davis Mills will now replace Tyrod and will be involved until the end of the game. Rapaport, the news insider of the NFL Network, carried this update to the public via a tweet.


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