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WWE Announces The Next NXT 2.0 Special

WWE Announces The Next NXT 2.0 Special

This is about the WWE Announces The Next NXT 2.0 Special. WWE is one of the most beloved sports companies in the world. Since its beginning, thousands of people watch that sport. Even after almost four decades, the craze for sports remains the same. There are several brands under WWE, and each of these brands has its specialty. The most recent brand or promotion of WWE is NXT. NXT has gained a lot of followers in the last decade, and the main roster of WWE mainly consists of wrestlers who were once a part of NXT. Recently, one announcement was made surrounding NXT. The announcement has made the fans quite excited and hopeful.

We know that you all are getting restless to know the announcement. We will not keep you waiting for long. The announcement made by WWE was about the next NXT 2.0 Special. A few days back, the NXT WarGames 2021 was held, and now just after it, this announcement was made. Along with the announcement, there were several other things mentioned too. In this article, we will cover every aspect of that announcement and what will NXT 2.0 Special offer us. So without ado let us get right into the topic and grab a share of the joy.

What will the next NXT 2.0 Special be?

The next NXT 2.0 Special will be WWE NXT New Year’s Evil. It will be held on 4th January 2022. Mandy Rose, the NXT Women’s Champion, announced in a video promo about the NXT New Year’s Evil. The promo was aired right after NXT WarGames 2021. It will be a brand new start to the year for the multi-colored brand of WWE. NXT 2.0 has about a month, which is approximately four episodes, to build the hype for New Year’s Evil. As the air date has been revealed, it company will solely focus on the best. New Year’s Evil is set to be the biggest event of NXT 2.0 till now.

WWE Announces The Next NXT 2.0 Special
NXT New Year’s Evil

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What could happen at NXT New Year’s Evil?

Several matches can happen at the next pay-per-view of NXT 2.0. Out of all the matches, the main one would be Bron Breakker vs Tommaso Ciampa. At NXT WarGames 2021, Bron Breaker did the unimaginable thing. He pinned the NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa. Even though it was a tag team match, it could set up a feud between these two. At the next main event, these two might face each other for the Championship. To be fair, there was no new champion crowned at NXT WarGames 2021. So it would be a good thing to build up new rivalries. The next main event might be for the NXT Women’s Championship match.

A few weeks ago, Mandy Rose was pinned by Cora Jade on an episode of NXT 2.0. The match was a non-title match. We have always seen that this is how a rivalry is born. So we may get to see Mandy Rose defend her title against Cora Jade in NXT New Year’s Evil. Apart from these two title matches, we will probably see the NXT Cruiserweight Championship on the line. NXT WarGames 2021 saw Roderick Strong defeat Joe Gacy by pinfall. Both of them had managers, but there was no interference. Joe Gacy should get a rematch again on the next pay-per-view. The last probable match might feature Imperium, consisting of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel, taking on Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

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What do the fans think?

The wrestling fans have always preferred WWE RAW or WWE SmackDown, but in the last few years, NXT’s growth has been over the chart. So the fans expect a lot from them. As soon as the announcement was made surrounding the next NXT 2.0 Special, they got up from their seats and started making predictions. The fans are thinking that they finally will get to experience a title change, which they missed last time. Moreover, New Year’s Evil will happen right around New Year, so it will be a thing to enjoy. Let us know what other matches do you expect to see and how happy are you with the announcement.

NXT Champion – Tommaso Ciampa

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