Youth Sports Leagues tough to return to Playground


A very popular debate ignited in the St. Louis area where boys baseball team organizer announced an event in less than a week of the Missouri government discouraging and clearing such gatherings. This stirred public discontentment on violating social distancing policies. 

With his North California Volleyball club, Konrad Ott ditched a Florida tournament which was recently postponed due to the pandemic outbreak. They could face a similar dilemma with the Dallas national event.

Rob Worstenholm, who hosted the Volleyball tournament in the St. Louis clearing with 50 teams at play, thereby violating lockdown rules has something to say. “ Obviously, there are two sides to this story. I mean, 50% of the people hate me, but the other 50%, I could have run for President,” he said, justifying his act.

These scenarios are not well received by the audience at large and they have shown considerable discontentment against the idea of violating social distancing rules amongst such a dangerous pandemic outbreak. 

Scheduled for June in Orlando, The Amateur Athletic Union had planned on proceeding with the world’s largest Volleyball Tournament consisting of 3,000 teams on board. However, this has been postponed to mid-July. 

AAU reassured that Ott’s Absolute Volleyball club will host a tournament where maximum safety measures will be undertaken. These include no handshakes, frequent temperature checks, and distance between courts. 

Ott wanted the player’s groups to be twice as large as they needed to be. On top of that, there were no reports where they stated the measures to be taken if a player or a parent had tested positive for the virus. 

Amongst this uncertainty, politics have taken the front seat, where a cautious approach is being undertaken against Gov. Ron Desantis, a Republican in Florida, by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat. 

“ The ethical issue comes in about necessary risks and unnecessary risks,” is what Kretchmar, a professor emeritus of exercise and sports science at the Penn State College of Health and Human Development has to say. Adding to this, “ And if waiting another two months removes an important, unnecessary risk, then you might argue let’s wait two months, let’s wait three months until the risk is more tolerable rather than pushing the envelope.” 

Even though the majority of the parents were against the idea of their children playing, there were very strong responses from parents who wanted their kids to go. “ Let them live their lives,” said Tony Carrow’s parents from Orlando, where the pandemic effect rate was comparatively low. 

Nonetheless, Worstemholm’s baseball tournament last weekend imbibed a positive atmosphere where the social distancing norms were kept intact. 

“ I love to see kids play. But I have never seen anything like this. This is joy times a hundred. It was not just kids getting happy because they were playing baseball. It was much more than that,”, said Worstemholm. 

Weighing on the when and where the return to play can happen, is a decision the adults have to make themselves.


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