2024 NBA Trade Deadline: Knicks Secure Bogdanovic and Burks, Evaluation Included

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Knicks Secure Bogdanovic and Burks, Evaluation Included
Knicks Secure Bogdanovic and Burks, Evaluation Included (Credits: BVM Sports)

The 2024 NBA trade deadline arrived on Feb. 8 (3 p.m. ET), and significant player movements were witnessed throughout the season.

Notably, before the New Year, James Harden was traded to the LA Clippers, and OG Anunoby joined the Knicks. Following the turn of the calendar, Pascal Siakam and Terry Rozier also found new teams.

Highlighted below are the major trades that have occurred thus far, accompanied by grades and analysis from FOX Sports’ NBA writers.

Knicks Secure Bogdanovic and Burks, Evaluation Included
Knicks Secure Bogdanovic and Burks, Evaluation Included (Credits: New York Post)

Feb. 8: Knicks Acquire Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks

Trade Details: Knicks receive Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks; Pistons receive Quentin Grimes, Malachi Flynn, Evan Fournier, Ryan Arcidiacono, and two future second-round picks.

Knicks: A+
Pistons: A-

The Knicks are demonstrating their aggressive approach with this trade, potentially solidifying their competitive position without acquiring another star player.

Bogdanovic, a proficient scorer, adds versatility to their offense, while Burks enhances their backcourt depth. Importantly, this move strengthens their roster without sacrificing future assets.

For the Pistons, this trade clears cap space and brings in promising young talent in Grimes, aligning with their future-oriented strategy.

Feb. 8: Thunder Secure Gordon Hayward

Trade Details: Thunder receive Gordon Hayward; Hornets receive Tre Mann and Davis Bertans.

Thunder: A-
Hornets: B

The Thunder’s acquisition of Hayward signals a shift toward immediate competitiveness while maintaining its asset-rich status. Hayward’s skill set complements their offensive style, providing additional scoring options without compromising future flexibility.

On the Hornets’ side, the trade allows them to focus on developing young talent, with Mann as a promising addition to their roster.

Feb. 8: 76ers Add Buddy Hield from Pacers

Trade Details: 76ers receive Buddy Hield; Pacers receive Marcus Morris, Furkan Korkmaz, and three second-round picks.

76ers: B+
Pacers: B+

Securing Hield bolsters the 76ers’ shooting prowess without sacrificing key assets, potentially enhancing their offensive firepower alongside Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. While defensive concerns exist, Hield’s impact on offense could outweigh those issues.

For the Pacers, trading Hield allows them to accumulate future assets, aligning with their long-term strategy.

Jan. 23: Heat and Hornets Swap Terry Rozier and Kyle Lowry

Trade Details: Heat receives Terry Rozier; Hornets receive Kyle Lowry and a lottery-protected 2027 first-round pick.

Heat: A-
Hornets: B

The addition of Rozier strengthens the Heat’s roster, providing depth and scoring options in the backcourt. This move enhances their competitiveness in the Eastern Conference without significant long-term ramifications.

The Hornets’ decision to trade Lowry provides them with future assets, though the outcome depends on potential subsequent moves involving Lowry.

Jan. 17: Pacers Acquire Pascal Siakam

Trade Details: Pacers receive Pascal Siakam and a future second-round pick; Raptors receive various assets, including draft picks.

Pacers: B+
Raptors: B+

Siakam’s arrival provides the Pacers with an All-Star caliber player, improving their playoff prospects. While it may lead to future salary commitments, the trade aligns with their immediate goals.

For the Raptors, the trade represents a strategic move considering Siakam’s impending free agency, though it could have been executed earlier for potentially better returns.

Various other trades have occurred leading up to the deadline, shaping the landscape of the league’s competitive balance.

Yaron Weitzman is an NBA writer for FOX Sports, offering insightful analysis of the league’s transactions and developments.


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