76ers and Bucks Reach Out to Thunder and Pelicans Regarding Draft Pick Exchanges

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NBA Rumors: 76ers, Bucks Have Contacted Thunder, Pelicans About Draft Pick Swaps

Several NBA teams are actively seeking to bolster their draft capital ahead of the trade deadline on February 8th.

Sources reveal that the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks are among the teams reaching out to franchises like New Orleans and Oklahoma City, aiming to negotiate future first-round pick swaps or bundles of second-round picks in exchange for additional first-round selections.

Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports first reported on this trend, highlighting the efforts of multiple teams in this pursuit.

Fischer elaborates, citing the example of the Phoenix Suns, who previously traded two future first-round swaps to Memphis for three second-round picks at the start of the season. This move has spurred other teams to seek similar deals, indicating a growing interest in enhancing their draft assets.

76ers and Bucks Reach Out to Thunder and Pelicans Regarding Draft Pick Exchanges
76ers and Bucks Reach Out to Thunder and Pelicans Regarding Draft Pick Exchanges (Credits: Bleacher Report)

Despite Joel Embiid’s absence due to knee surgery, the Philadelphia 76ers remain active in the market, keen on securing immediate first-round picks by leveraging their future swaps.

This strategy reflects their desire to fortify their roster for the present while maintaining flexibility for the future, given their earliest tradable pick not being available until 2026.

Notably, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski confirms the Sixers’ intention to remain buyers leading up to the deadline, underscoring their commitment to strengthening the team despite Embiid’s temporary setback.

Both the 76ers and the Bucks have invested significantly in their pursuit of championship contention in recent years, often at the expense of future draft assets.

While they aim to acquire additional draft picks now, there’s speculation that they might utilize these picks in trades for impactful players capable of bolstering their championship aspirations.

The Thunder, known for their wealth of first-round selections under the stewardship of Sam Presti, have been approached by both teams in their quest for draft assets.

Considering the Sixers’ lack of available first-round picks until 2026, their interest in bolstering their draft capital this year is understandable, particularly in light of Embiid’s injury.

According to Fischer’s report, the 76ers have expressed interest in acquiring Buddy Hield from the Indiana Pacers and Bojan Bogdanović from the Detroit Pistons.

Meanwhile, the Bucks, who recently made coaching changes, are seeking defensive upgrades to address ongoing struggles. They have been linked to players like Grant Williams from the Dallas Mavericks, Dorian Finney-Smith from the Brooklyn Nets, and Andrew Wiggins from the Golden State Warriors in recent trade discussions.


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