A New York Knicks insider eloquently explains why Mikal Bridges fits so well in New York

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Mikal Bridges gestures to the crowd after scoring a basket

The New York Knicks’ offseason isn’t finished yet, but it’s unlikely they’ll make a bigger move than acquiring Mikal Bridges.

Recently, the Knicks and Nets finalized the Bridges trade, involving other players to balance salaries. However, the core of the trade centered on the Knicks sending multiple first-round picks, including unprotected ones, along with a pick swap and a pick via the Milwaukee Bucks, to acquire Bridges.

Despite Bridges’ strong performance, he hasn’t been selected for an All-Star game yet. However, Fred Katz, The Athletic’s Knicks reporter, explained on the “No Dunks” podcast why Bridges fits perfectly with New York and why the hefty price they paid makes sense.

Bridges’ college career at Villanova, where he won a national championship alongside Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, and Donte DiVincenzo, adds to his compatibility with the Knicks.

Mikal Bridges (NBA)

As Katz pointed out, Bridges is expected to join the starting lineup alongside Brunson, OG Anunoby, Julius Randle, and Mitchell Robinson. This lineup provides the Knicks with two top-tier wing defenders who can space the floor and create their own scoring opportunities.

This move also allows DiVincenzo and Hart, who played extensive minutes during the playoffs due to Knicks’ injuries, to come off the bench. They add depth as versatile wing players who excel on both offense and defense.

While the Knicks, like all NBA teams, still need to see how well their team gels on the court, their roster upgrades on paper make logical sense and should require minimal adjustment compared to other teams that made significant changes.


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