A Springboks Prop Has Been Accused of Stepping on Ireland’s Josh Van Der Flier

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A Springboks Prop Has Been Accused of Stepping on Ireland's Josh Van Der Flier
Josh Van Der Flier (Credits: Rugby World)

A South African player named Ox Nche can possibly get into trouble after a video showed him getting into a scuffle with Ireland’s Josh van der Flier. Ox Nche, who normally comes in as a substitute player and has played well for the South African team, got upset when a player from the opposing team grabbed him during a ruck

Once Josh van der Flier released him, South African player Nche decided to use his cleats aggressively. He kept his cleats stuck in the opposing player’s hands for a few seconds, and it caused some harm to the other player.

A Springboks Prop Has Been Accused of Stepping on Ireland's Josh Van Der Flier
Ox Nche (Credits: Sport360)

The Irish player was holding his right hand in pain, but he did not need any medical attention, and he was able to keep playing. There is a chance that this incident can possibly lead to a citation or official action.

If the slot remains open, there is a possibility that Nche could be selected even 36 hours after the match. This means the quoting commissioner has until 10 a.m. BST on Monday to decide whether the criteria for a red card have been met.

Ireland coach John Fogarty said he was not aware of the stamping violation but trusted the board to address it.

“I do not know if there was a stamp,” Fogarty said. “I am sure World Rugby will be looking at everything, and the referees will be looking at everything.

“At the moment, we are confident that (mechanisms) are in place should we need them. We have not heard anything from you. This will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.

“Josh is fine, and there are no obvious injuries so far. We managed to come out of a very stressful game fully healthy. “Medical checks are currently being carried out, but there are no obvious injuries at this time.”

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“Intentionally Attempting to Cause Injury”

Fans gave their reactions to the incident on social media, with Linebreak Rugby disappointed in Nche’s actions. “It is a difficult situation for referees, but this nonsense should not happen. If you are so angry about wanting a player to get hurt, why not intentionally try to injure him?” they said. Said.

"Intentionally Attempting to Cause Injury"
John Fogarty (Credits: ESPN)

Some believe the Springbok prop should be mentioned, while others argue that Van der Flier got what he deserved.

Ian Alexander said: “It looks like the injury was caused by holding his leg down for a long period of time,” adding: “I did not put any weight on his hand. I just let him know I was there.”


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