A wrestler, aged 42, who hasn’t competed in WWE for nearly eight years, discusses the potential for a comeback to the ring.

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There are moments in the world of WWE when wrestlers are compelled to bid farewell to the ring prematurely due to injuries. Recently, a former champion opened up about his struggles with injuries and the potential for a comeback to the squared circle.

Back in 2016, Ryback concluded his contract with WWE and parted ways with the company. The powerhouse had a substantial tenure with WWE, notably capturing the Intercontinental Championship and holding it for over 110 days until he lost it to Kevin Owens at Night of Champions 2015.

Following his departure, Ryback ventured into the independent circuit for a period before taking a hiatus from active in-ring competition. Speaking on Ryback TV, the former Intercontinental Champion candidly discussed his injury woes and pondered the prospect of returning to wrestling:

Ryback (Credits: WWE)

“My right shoulder requires replacement due to the absence of cartilage in the shoulder joint. This issue arose from what I believe to be negligent treatment by WWE doctors, who administered cortisone injections into it multiple times a year, all while deceiving me.

Dealing with this has been significantly challenging. I’ve accumulated extensive scar tissue across my pec, bicep, tricep, shoulder, rear deltoid, as well as the rhomboid, scapula, and trap regions. If we can effectively break down this scar tissue, which requires consistent daily effort…”

He continued:

“…there’s a chance that I could make a return to professional wrestling in some capacity, and I’m holding onto optimism towards that goal.” Ryback shared that he successfully regenerated all five discs in his back through twenty stem cell procedures.

Nevertheless, replacing his right shoulder poses a considerable challenge due to the alleged treatments he underwent during his tenure with WWE.


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