Aaron Rodgers considered joining the ticket led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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One of the strangest stories of the offseason came unexpectedly in March when independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. mentioned that he was thinking about having Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers as his running mate.

Rodgers, in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, shared his initial reaction to Kennedy’s proposal. “Seriously?” Rodgers said, according to Yahoo.com. “I’m a football player.”

While hinting at a potential political career after his football days, Rodgers expressed a desire to contribute to bringing America back to its former state.

(What exactly do you mean by “what she used to be,” Aaron? And why do some people believe that America isn’t great anymore just because it’s different from before? What aspects do they miss that progress has brought to our society? Please, clarify.)

Rodgers admitted that he did think about accepting the offer. “I did think about it because I have a lot of respect for Bobby, and I was curious to hear his thoughts on it,” Rodgers commented.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. holds the mic as he answers the questions of the press

Kennedy reportedly backed away from having Rodgers as his running mate because donors were unhappy with the idea. And they had good reason to be.

Unlike some politicians who have packed schedules throughout the week, Rodgers doesn’t have a large group of dedicated supporters. Currently, most people either don’t have strong feelings about him or dislike him.

If Rodgers had accepted, he would have needed to decide whether to stop playing football until the campaign ended or attempt to juggle both roles.

Balancing both would have been very challenging, especially since he stressed during his final press conference of the 2023 season that everyone on the team should avoid anything that distracts from the goal of winning football games.


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