Aaron Rodgers noted that Robert Saleh has increased his involvement with the offense

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Robert Saleh reacts in game

The Jets were reportedly searching for someone to oversee the offense beyond coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. It seems they realized they already had someone who could do that – the head coach himself.

According to Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh, primarily a defensive coach, has been spending a lot of time with the offense during the offseason. Rodgers appreciates Saleh’s input, mentioning that Saleh has brought some valuable ideas to the table.

Saleh isn’t just passively observing; he’s actively contributing to the offense. Rodgers mentioned that Saleh has introduced some interesting concepts that will be seen during OTAs and training camp, which Rodgers finds exciting.

The situation breaks from tradition in how teams are typically run. Usually, the head coach focuses on one side of the ball, leaving the other to the coordinator. But Saleh, knowing the stakes if the Jets don’t end their playoff drought by 2024, is taking action to improve the team.

Aaron Rodger on the ground

The coordinator chosen by Rodgers hasn’t delivered, mainly because he didn’t adjust the offense enough for Zach Wilson after Rodgers got injured early in the season.

Blaming Hackett is easy since good coaches adapt the playbook to fit the players’ skills. However, with Rodgers lingering on the sidelines with a chance of returning, the Jets may have stuck with his offense to keep the team familiar with it in case he returned later in the season.

For the Jets, improving offensively is crucial. They also need to be prepared to switch to Tyrod Taylor or Jordan Travis if Rodgers gets injured again, considering his age and injury history. It’s wiser to plan for the possibility of him missing games than to assume he’ll play all 17.


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